Penny's Winter Decor Tips

I am one of those people who makes some changes in my decor as winter approaches. I need to feel cozy, warm, and snug in my house, and the light and bright and breezy decor of summer doesn't work.

In order to get that hygge feeling during the cold winter months, I make sure I have lots of cozy textures, flickering candlelight, and lush fabrics to set the mood.

Here are 5 WINTER DECOR TIPS to get your home feeling warm and snug...


Chunky washable blanket, snuggly and practical.

I have tons of snuggly blankets all over the house. They're in baskets in the living room, over the backs of chairs, folded up on benches. I have mini quilts, chunky blankets, and linen throws. My daughter will wrap herself up in a blanket for the whole day!

The great thing about chunky blankets is they're practical and also decor-friendly. I must confess that every time I go to Target, I search for more chunky blankets. And I usually don't go home empty-handed!


Fill up your baskets with nature journals and plants.

Where to store the blankets? In baskets! I have an extensive basket collection in our home. I love the organic textures, the mixed sizes and functions. The mixed textures add a warmth to the house during the winter time, and also lighten up the house in the summer. I use soft baskets for blankets, smaller baskets for books and binoculars (you never know when you'll have an emergency bird sighting, hee hee!), and baskets for plants, hair accessories, magazines, dry cleaning. You get the idea. 

Another Target confession...I look for good basket deals every time I visit Target. Even if you don't think you need one, you will. If I see a basket I love, I grab it. 

Baskets are also farm market-friendly! Keep one in the back of your car.


Gorgeous pillows from The Cottage, in Tiverton RI.

I swap out my summer throw pillows (light, bright colors and linen and cotton fabrics) for deeper, richer textures and colors in the winter time.

Choosing pillows with velvet fabric, deep rich colors, and embroidery is the perfect way to create a hygge feeling in your home. I found these gorgeous pillows at The Cottage in Tiverton, RI. 


My indoor winter garden. 

Yes, it's true. I have plants in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. All the time. But in the winter time when I can't garden outdoors, having an indoor plant collection is a HUGE mood boost. Bringing nature indoors--especially seasonal flowers (like Amaryllis, Cyclamen, etc)--is another way to celebrate winter and ward off depression.

Planting Amaryllis bulbs is a fun winter project.


Create a romantic mood with candles at night.

First thing I do every morning during the winter months: light the fire in the fireplace and light all of my candles. I have candles in the kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room window sill. Then I make my tea. My morning starts with a welcoming, cozy, hygge feeling and I try to keep it going during the day.

At night, having the candles lit gives the house a moody, snuggly vibe as well.

Best spot to watch the winter sunset.

­čî┐WINTER PLANT TIP: I must admit, I have trouble keeping some plants alive during the New England winter (citrus...ugh!). I find the best way to care for your indoor plants is to put them in the sink, water well, drain well, spritz for humidity. Never let plants get soggy roots.

Looking forward to spring. Not long now! Last year I started planting my veggie garden in March!

All my best,


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