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Light Therapy

January is tough. Winter is tough. There are so many people struggling with the post-holiday let-down, with the lack of sunshine, with the freezing cold.  With the darkness. Here are a few ideas to introduce more light into our lives. Spring is almost here. Do not despair!  FIVE WAYS TO ADD LIGHT INTO YOUR LIFE 1. Light a fire. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it. We had a wood-burning fireplace in our old house, and I loved the scent of the burning wood. It also saved us multiple times when we lost electricity/heat in the winter time. We now have a gas fireplace, and I am totally addicted! It's so easy. I pop it on every morning while I'm having a cup of coffee, and it immediately makes me feel better. If you don't have a fireplace, see Idea #2... 2. Light a (mini) fire: candles. You can put tea candles into almost any container. You can also get big chunky candles, candles in metal tins, a cluster of glass. Anything goes. Some folks love scented candles, b

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