Light Therapy

January is tough.

Winter is tough.

There are so many people struggling with the post-holiday let-down, with the lack of sunshine, with the freezing cold. 

With the darkness.

Here are a few ideas to introduce more light into our lives. Spring is almost here. Do not despair! 


1. Light a fire.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it. We had a wood-burning fireplace in our old house, and I loved the scent of the burning wood. It also saved us multiple times when we lost electricity/heat in the winter time.

We now have a gas fireplace, and I am totally addicted! It's so easy. I pop it on every morning while I'm having a cup of coffee, and it immediately makes me feel better.

If you don't have a fireplace, see Idea #2...

2. Light a (mini) fire: candles.

You can put tea candles into almost any container. You can also get big chunky candles, candles in metal tins, a cluster of glass. Anything goes.

Some folks love scented candles, but I'm all about beeswax. 

I have short chunky beeswax candles for my glass holders, and tealights for smaller containers. They smell divine. These are good for the environment and good for your health.

They also come in handy if you lose electricity and need to light up your house.

3. Go outside and get some sun.

I know. It's freezing outside. There are just some days that you cannot muster up the energy to go out there. (I'm a huge cold wimp). 

Nevertheless, if the weather is not icy or a major blizzard or minus 25 degrees, it's a good idea to bundle up (lots of layers, hat, scarf, mittens, good shoes) and get some fresh air and sunshine.

We took a wonderful walk around Sachuest Point (Middletown, Rhode Island) in early winter. It was cold, but still dry. Gorgeous day!

There is nothing quite like a sunny, blue sky, crystal clear air, dusting of snow day in the winter time. It will comfort your soul until you can run back into the house and get a cup of hot chocolate.

4. Light therapy lamp.

This one is a Theralite Halo Light Therapy Lamp. We were curious about these lamps, so we decided to try one. You need to make sure you don't expose yourself for too long (may interfere with sleep) or too late at night (same thing).

It definitely seems to be working to ward off seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

I have a lot of friends who swear by these, so if you're curious, ask around and get some recommendations.

My husband puts it on while he's tying flies!

5. Light decor.

Most of my plants are in light colored pots or baskets. Plants are a huge mood-lifter in your house, so go crazy and start a collection. Seasonal plants, like Cyclamen and Narcissus (paperwhites) and Amaryllis, are a beautiful addition to indoor decor.

I know it's trendy now for "moody" rooms that are smoky gray and deep plum,  but that might not be the best choice for winter months that are already dark. We have moved in the opposite direction and have light-colored furniture and decor. I love the look of modern Scandinavian style with lots of stone and wood. 

Another sweet way to add some sparkle and light into your decor is with fairy lights. They can stay up after the holidays and brighten your rooms.

**Extra Fun Ideas**

A couple of extra fun ideas...

Keep up your Christmas tree! (Must be fake, you don't want to burn your house down).

If you have an artificial tree, don't be in a hurry to take it down after the holidays. It might be a good way to keep some sparkle and magic going, especially in the evenings when it gets really dark. 

Another fun idea...attend a night time light show. A lot of botanical gardens do this in the winter time, and it's delightful. I know the Rhode Island zoo also had a holiday event this year.

We took a stroll around Blithewold Gardens for their Night Lights show and it was magical.

I hope all of you are working hard to get through the difficult months--lots of exercise, comforting hobbies (knitting, books, favorite shows), and plans for your spring garden. 

My husband planted hundreds of spring bulbs and I can't wait to see if they pop up. 

Best to all,


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